Did you try taiwanese spicy beef noodle soup recipe? One of the things I greatly admire about Asian culture is how caring people are towards their traditions. Recipes are passed down generations as something that should be treasured and they take pride in cooking this or that dish the way their ancestors did a long time ago. Taiwanese beef stew is one of them.

This Taiwanese Beef Noodle soup comes from a friend’s family. I think it has been in their family for generations and is something of a family tradition. We met in college and when I visited, I would always eat this soup at their home so I begged my friend’s mom to share the recipe and now, when inspiration strikes, I cook this wonderful spicy soup for my own family. There are not many taiwanese beef noodle soup calories.

I must say, that I’m not very keen on hot and spicy food, so I usually take the bean paste of the non-spicy variety, take only half of a chili pepper and use light soy sauce only. However, I’m giving this recipe in the original form, the way my friend’s mother shared it with me.

The result is simply mouthwatering. The beef flavor is so deep, mixed with all the herbs and spices, and the scallions and bok choy are almost fresh, still retaining the crispiness. This dish, like many stews with beef take a long time to cook, as the meat has to be very tender and soft, but it mostly is the stewing and the boiling. The prep doesn’t take all that much.

Taiwanese beef noodle recipe is quite simple.

If you’re looking for a spicy, hearty stew for a Sunday lunch with your family, something that packs a lot of flavor and nutritious value  but not a lot of fat and calories, this is a perfect taiwanese beef noodle soup recipe for you.