This traditional Italian beef roll, stuffed, baked and sauteed with several kinds of cheese, tomato and vegetable sauce, is an excellent way to surprize anyone at dinner.

A fancy way of serving meat, but oh so worthy of it if you’re cooking for a demanding eater (like my husband). This dish is not only delicious, it’s also extremely decorative when cut up and served. You can serve it as a standalone appetizer or a dish on its own, over spaghetty of any kind, drizzled with the sauce the meat was cooked in.

The tricky part is, probably, picking and prepping the meat. You will need a large hefty chunk of flank steak, and you will have to beat it with a meat mallet till it’s flat and slightly rectangular form so that you can actually stuff and roll it.

Letting your butcher know what you’re going to be cooking will greatly help them to pick the right piece of meat for you.

This recipe uses particular kind of cheeses, but I’ll tell you this, any combo of a regular cheese like provolone, cheddar, swiss and a tart, spicy cheese like parmigiano reggiano, pecorino or gorgonzola will do.

I hope you have fun with this recipe and enjoy it as much as I do!