Do you like curry? Have a favorite Indian joint? Always wanted to try and cook curry at home? Here’s a simple slow cooker recipe for you which makes cooking awesome curry at home exceptionally easy.

This curry has all the traditional flavors and the most tender beef you can think of. It’s also pretty easy to cook since the slow cooker does most of the job for you.

There are several tips and tricks to it though and the first one being the herbs. You can either use an off the shelf curry mix or follow this recipe with the herbs. Another important thing is roasting the beef before you put it in your slow cooker.

If you fry too many beef pieces at once, they will release too much juice and won’t get the desired browned crisp. You may want to fry only a few pieces at a time so that they actually do get browned instead of boiled in their own juices.

After you fried the beef and tossed all the ingredients into your slow cooker, you can forget about the curry for 8-9 hours, so, it’s best if you’re either doing this overnight (that is, if you feel like eating curry for breakfast) or early in the morning so that you can have your curry for dinner.

I’ve heard many people say that slow cooker food is somewhat bland, but this curry actually turns out bursting with flavors because all the spices and the herbs simmer in the slow cooker for so long and have enough time to blend with each other.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do!