If you want to really impress that special someone with your cooking skills, provided that that specially someone isn’t averse to eating red meat that is almost raw (I know, that might sound terrifying, but it’s actually terrific), here’s a perfect recipe for you.

This beef tataki doesn’t just taste good, it also looks like a dish straight out of a gourmet restaurant and if your significant other remains unimpressed, I’d be very surprized.

And what’s best about it, is that cooking such a delicious, beautiful looking dish isn’t a hardship at all. The most important thing is to pick the right chunk of meat. I’d recommend a good fresh lean peace of tenderloin steak.

The trickiest part is to sear the meat. You should fry it for a short time on all sides at a very, very high heat. Make sure you either have windows open or your kitchen hood on and working vigorously, this is going to be smokey business.  Your goal is to have the meat very crispy and nicely fried on the outside, but still completely raw inside.

Once that’s done, you will need to marinate the meat for a few hours. The instructions on how to make the marinade are below. After that, on to the cutting. Since the meat is still technically raw, it’s going to be chewy. So, to avoid that, you will have to cut it really, really thin. Make sure your kitchen knife is sharpened to perfection. If you have a sushi knife, you can use that. The slices must be very thin, almost transparent.

Then, all you have left to do is chop up the radish and cucumber salad and arrange everything in artful disarray.

I hope this wonderful dish sets up the right mood for a lovely evening for you and your loved one!