You have probably heard all about my love of Chinese food right now. There was a time in my life when I must have been baking evening revenues for my local Chinese takeout joint solely by myself.

This traditional Crispy Orange Beef has everything you love in a Chinese takeout. It’s crispy, it’s full of delicious sweet and meaty flavor, but now you can cook it at home. You’ll know exactly what’s been put in there and you’ll save up on takeout if I say so!

When it comes to picking a meat cut for this recipe, I usually choose sirloin beef steak. It’s great for quick stir fry recipes. Usually beef needs to be cooked for a long time for it to be well done and tender at the same time, so if you want quick and tender and well done, sirloin is your best option.

I usually make my own orange sauce, especially since it’s not hard to make at all. This dish can be easily made gluten free, since cornstarch doesn’t contain any gluten. Simply take a gluten-free variety soy sauce.

It’s best served with steamed rice, sprinkled with chopped green onions or scallions. Now simply follow the instructions below and you’ll have delicious crispy orange beef in no time.