Do you know what is beef tendon? Maybe you consider it a waste, but you`ll change your mind when you know how to cook beef tendon. If you’re not opposed to offal meals, this beef tendon may be a nice recipe for you. I personally don’t really care for offal, unless it’s liver, cooked in special ways, ir may be a kidney pie or two, but my husband has those weird cravings once in a while.

Beef tendon recipe slow cooker is quite simple.

This beef tendon recipe cooks a great Chinese snack, beef tendons boiled to tenderness and served with soy sauce and spices.

In Chinese cuisine, every single part of a cow is utilized, even a beef sinew, so they have plenty of recipes for various type of offal, achieving flavor heights many cuisines haven’t heard of.

And you can be sure beef tendon nutrition facts will please you.

Some people may say it doesn’t look good and indeed, it looks quite… exotic, but please reserve your judgement until you try beef tendon slow cooker.

The boiling time for the tendons is approximately 4 hours on a stove or 5-6 hours in a slow cooker. If you’re pressure-cooking, this can be cut down to 2-3 hours. You can boil the tendons plain, as this recipe suggests, or add some herbs and spices, such as daikon, bay leaf, parsley and onions.
After you have them boiled and cooled, all you have to do is toss the slices with soy sauce, vinegar and spices and let them sit for a while. I bet, if you serve this at a party, your friends will be surprised and intrigued!