This recipe has a longish list of ingredients and may seem intimidating at first sight, but if you stretch the prep between several days, it won’t pose a challenge at all.

This Beijing Beef is a perfect dish for a long-planned Sunday dinner. It’s bursting with sweet and spicy flavors, it’s crispy, it’s full of crispy veggies which compliment the beef nicely.

Don’t be afraid that the making process is somewhat long, most of it is marinating and waiting for everything to cook. You can also prepare the Beijing sauce on a night before you cook the actual dish to distribute the prepping time.

I usually use sirloin or flank steak for the meat. Here’s a small tip on how to cut meat slices extra thin. You either use a very sharp large kitchen knife, like a sashimi knife, or you.. freeze your meat a little, it shouldn’t be rock hard. Then it will be much easier to shave off thin meat slices and cook them according to the recipe.

The frying can also be a little tricky. You either deep fry the beef so that it’s crispy and the crust is crumbly or you fry it in smaller portions. Beef releases plenty of juice when it’s cooked, so if you dump too many pieces at once on your frying pan you may end up stewing them instead.

Now, simply follow the instructions below. I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do!