Beef Gravy is such an essential part of holiday table. It may seem like a side dish and sauce and not worth taking extra care with, and yet, when you have good gravy, everything is made better with it.

This Beef Gravy can not only compliment your turkey or mashed potatoes or serve as a dip. It can save your chicken if you overdid it or let it dry. It can convince your kids eat said turkey or chicken. And everything is simply better with gravy.

Another peculiarity of this recipe is that it doesn’t use drippings so the amount of fat in this recipe is reduced. Of course, if drippings are an important part of gravy for you, do add them. As well as other things, such as celery, sauteed onions and garlic, veggie cubes and cream.

Try this gravy for holiday season or for any dinner with chicken or turkey. This recipe yields three cups and it can be easily stored in the fridge and kept for several days.

Have any gravy tips to share? I’d love to hear them!