Leftover recycling is one of my favorite things around the kitchen. I kill two birds with one stone here, first, I optimize our family’s food consumption and second, we don’t get to eat the same thing several times in a row.

This roast beef hash recipe is great for utilizing leftover meat. I really love roast beef, but for it to be really good, you have to cook it with a large chunk of meat. And after everyone has a few slices of roast beef for dinner and a roast beef sandwich or two the next day, there’s still about half the meat left.

What to do with it? If you have potatoes that have started to sprout lying around your house, it’s also a good way to finally cook them. One thing you need to do, is boil them, skin on. 

Peeling potatoes that are boiled skin on is really easy, in fact, so easy I usually ask my little one for help so that we can enjoy some quality time in the kitchen together.

After you have your boiled and peeled potatoes and leftover roastbeef (which, by the way, you can freeze and keep for at least several weeks before you decide you want to use it), you’re all set. Just add the spices and follow the simple instructions below for a quick, hearty, deliciously flavoured dinner hash.

If you know of good ways to create something new with leftover meat, I’d love to hear about them!