I love cooking in a wok pan and I love Chinese food like little else. So, if it’s a woke recipe with meat and veggies or seafood, it’s my kind of recipe.

This beef chop suey is perfect in every way. The beef, cooked this way, turns out very tender, the veggies are still crispy and all the flavors are mixed together, creating an unforgettable taste.

To boot, it’s actually quite light on fats, which is also a plus for me, as I’m striving for a trim waistline.

I actually really enjoy cooking in a wok. It somehow give me this lovely energetic feeling, especially when I get to toss everything around the wok and watch it get golden and crispy.

One thing that I’d definitely recommend is choosing softer cuts of beef for this recipe. Flank steak is pretty good for this purpose.

This recipe’s veggies are bean sprouts, but if you don’t have any, tossing it with any crispy veggies is good. I tried cabbage, bamboo shots, carrots, celery cut thin, bok choy and any random mixes of those and it all worked well.

Serve this recipe with cooked rice or chinese noodles. I especially adore this over steamed white rice.

Just follow the simple instructions below to cook a grand tasting beef chop suey for your dinner.