Ever since a slow cooker has made an appearance in my kitchen, it’s been working tirelessly on feeding me and my fam with excellent, tender, stewed and well processed meat dishes.

The huge advantage of slow cooker recipes is that they take very little prep time and then you can forget all about them until it’s time to serve dinner. This beef ragu is one such recipe.

This ragu recipe is a hearty dish you can have for dinner or lunch when you’re too lazy to cook and need to just toss the ingredients into a slow cooker and have it cook the thing for you.

One change you might want to introduce to the recipe is add a bit more salt and house herbs. I also tried substituting canned cherry tomatoes with fresh ones and to be honest, I like it better, even though I had to add a bit of brown sugar to take the tartness away.

It also works good with other types of pasta, particularly, penne, which I always have in my pantry since it’s my daughter’s favorite pasta (and sometimes all she eats).

All in all, it’s a life savior for me when I need to cook something nutritious, but simply don’t have time.

Try this recipe and let me know how it went for you.