Looking like it walked off the pages of a fancy gourmet magazine, this beef tartare is in fact much more simple and down to brown earth than it looks.

You won’t even have to chuck out a lot of money to buy cream of the crop tenderloin, as this beef tartare can be made to perfection with cheaper cuts of meat. Looking for a good and fancy appetizer to kick off a romantic dinner? Look no further. 

There are a few tips and tricks to making this tartare perfect. So, you’ve decided on cooking something extraordinary to surprize your significant other (or to treat yourself maybe!). You go to your butcher and ask him for a nice little pound of top round roast. You get home.
The first thing you to is freeze the meat for a bit. It shouldn’t be rock solid, only slightly frozen. This will allow you to cut it into the most perfect little cubes ever without being an ace with kitchen knives. 

And you do want it finely chopped by hand opposite to have it minced in an electric mixer, trust me. The texture is entirely different, besides, your loved one will definitely appreciate all the effort you’ve put into it.

Mix your dressing while the meat is chilling in the freezer. After that, it’s all about assembling and serving. Just don’t wait to long before you serve it. So it’s best if you get the beef around lunch so it’s perfect for dinner appetizers. I hope you have fun with this recipe and with the occasion you make it for!