I’m a big fan of Grandma type recipes. Mostly because back in the day they most certainly knew how to cook quickly and how to make a family happy with a meal whipped up within a matter of half an hour.

This classic Beef and Noodles, made in a pressure cooker, is great when you have a busy schedule and your weeknights are simply not made for lengthy cooking sprees. 
Now, to the choice of meat. If your butcher has stew meat sold in packages, that’s your perfect option. If not, any chuck roast or flank steak will do, but you will have to cut it into cubes yourself.

I usually don’t really bother and get canned cream of mushroom soup for this recipe. It just works great, and cooked in it, the beef becomes deliciously tender.
The method for cooking in Instant Pot is ridiculously simple. Before I had my Instant Pot, I cooked this on a stove a couple of times. It’s doable, but it takes up to two hours for beef to become tender, so now it’s my buddy Instant Pot doing all the work for me. 

If you want variety, you can serve this Beef not only with noodles. Brown, white or mixed steamed rice is also great. I also tried this over mashed potatoes, and I’ve actually seen plated at my table licked clean! You can also go for a lighter version of serving a regular green salad on the side with this beef. 

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do, and if it makes at least one evening of someone’s life easier, I’m a happy camper!