I have few cast iron preferences in my life, like, runs should be early morning, roses don’t have to be very tall, but sandwiches either have to be skyscrapers, or subs piled with anything and everything. 

So, you can imagine why I’m absolutely in love with this Roast Beef sandwich. It’s simply bursting with meat, cheese and everything in between. 

In a rare case when we actually do have Roast Beef leftovers at my house, I always make these roast beef sandwiches. Depending on how decadent I want them to be, I put grilled onions and bell peppers, fresh tomatoes, blue cheese dressing, jalapenos, capers, all sorts of cheese or any combination of the above, inside. 

I make these sandwiches on toasted bread or inside french baguettes. A bakery nearby makes some of the meanest baguettes I’ve ever tried (blasphemy, but they’re better to me than the ones I’ve tried in Paris) and ever since I discovered it, I’m a constant user.

The secret here is melt the cheese. If I’m making these sandwiches with a baguette, I’m usually sticking them inside a very hot oven for a minute. But this can also be done on a grill. 

Just follow the instructions below to make some of the most delicious sandwiches the world has ever known.