Roast beef seems like such an everyday dish. We have it in sandwiches, in salads or as a stand alone dinner dish. And there are so many top round roast beef recipes on the Internet. But making a perfect roast beef can be a bit tricky. You want it to be crispy on the outside and juicy, tender and evenly cooked on the inside.

This Top round roast beef recipe is my roast beef of choice. It has tips and tricks on how to select a good cut of meat and how to cook it to perfection. After you’re done, you’ll have a roast beef to kill for. And now I’m gonna tell you how to cook a perfect top round roast beef.

You can serve it with grilled or steamed veggies, with gravy, in a sandwich or in a salad, or whichever way you like best. With only 10 minutes of prep time, it’s the quickest you can get a perfect roast beef onto your table.

The most important part is to choose a right cut of meat. Ask your butcher for a top round roast. It should be fresh – this can be checked if you poke the meat with a finger – it should slowly bounce right back if it’s fresh.

This recipe’s temperature and cooking time is counted for a 4 pound piece of top round. If your piece is bigger – add 10 minutes of cooking time for each pound of top round roast beef, but it’s best if you use instant thermometer for meat. The temperature of the meat when it’s ready should be at least 135F.

I mostly use mediterranean herbs in the mixture I rub the roast beef with. Some of them I grow in my garden, others I buy in an organic store. If you already know a combo you like to rub your roast beef with, go with it.

Simply follow the instructions below to cook a perfect roast beef at home!