Beef Carpaccio is an exquisite Italian recipe you might often come across at top notch restaurants and gourmet magazines. Of if you’re flying first class. 

If you want to make someone feel pampered and treated like royalty, beef carpaccio is a perfect choice of appetizer. It looks awesomely daring and refined and will be a great choice to start off a romantic dinner. Besides, it’s quite easy to cook.

There are a few things, however, that need to be addressed and observed when you’re cooking beef carpaccio. First of all, it is raw meat. Not even rare, it’s raw. Yep, just like cavemen had it before they tamed fire. There have been multiple studying proving that eating raw meat can pose a threat of contracting various diseases.

To avoid any unpleasant consequences, there are a few things to be observed to cut the risks down to a minimum. First, pick your meat from a very trustworthy butcher. Tell them what you’re doing with their tenderloin so that they sell you the freshest available piece. 

Do cook it the same day you got it. Fresh meat only keeps for a couple of days – and that is if you intend to have it cooked with heat. When eating it raw – don’t risk, eat it as fresh as possible.

Sprinkled with olive oil and vinegar, served with arugula, capers and pickles, this dish is delicious and always a treat. I hope you enjoy this recipe.