I think mushrooms are one of the most underrated and underappreciated foods, so I’m always in for celebrating how good and delicious they are. To me fried or roasted mushrooms is a taste of childhood. We kids would pick wild mushrooms and I actually pride myself in knowing quite a bit about the kinds that grow wild in the forest, from my dad, who is an avid mushroom hunter.

This recipe calls for cultivated mushrooms, but I’ve also tried with forest variety. This is a good way of roasting regular white mushrooms as well as boletes and chanterelles

Mushrooms are an excellent source of protein, so if you’re a vegan or a vegetarian, mushrooms can be a great and eco-friendly way for you to stock up on your daily protein. They are also very low fat, so it’s a good product if you’re dieting.

If you are picking wild mushrooms, please take extra care and precaution and make sure that you know with absolute certainty, that the kind you’re picking is edible.

This recipe is very simple and if you’re tired of crops and veggies as side dishes for your main course, roasted mushrooms are the thing to bring variety to your menu.

I sometimes add spring onions to the recipe, either when cooking or just before serving. Another way to make the mushrooms very extra is to toss them in a bit of mayo before roasting, it will give them a tender flavor and a delicious golden crust.

Have fun with this recipe!