To me, food is all about details. That is why I collect various recipes for the same dishes. There are sometimes as many ways to bake a pie as there are cooks who make them. Even a smallest detail added can change the entire way of how this or that food tastes.

That’s why this sauteed mushrooms recipe is a treasure in my collection. This dish is simple, but if you put them on a steak or a piece of grilled chicken, or mashed potatoes, this one touch will make any dish so much better.

The secret to making them taste so good is this. When you first dump fresh mushrooms into your mixed olive oil and butter, turn the heat on high and stir constantly. The mushrooms will get golden brown. Then pour in the wine and turn the heat down to sautee them.

Also, when cooking with fresh garlic, keep in mind that it’s best when it goes into the frying oil first and gives out the juice, flavoring the oil, but don’t let it overfry.

Your result should be tender, aromatic mushrooms in a bit of a sauce that shouldn’t be too watery. You’ll have to cook them for at least 10 minutes before the alcohol in wine evaporates completely and the sauce thickens.

Simply follow the instructions below and you will have a delicious side dish for any meat you cook.