Mushrooms is not a food everyone loves. For instance, my sister probably wouldn’t eat mushrooms even at gunpoint. They have peculiar taste, but boy, if you aren’t averse to eating mushrooms, you have a whole new gourmet world open to you.

This stuffed mushrooms recipe came to me from a European friend. They do eat a lot of those puppies there. My friend says it’s quite a traditional dish at a celebration table and also can be served as hors d’oeuvres.

This recipe calls for mushrooms stuffed with cream cheese and baked with parmesan. Anything creamy and anything cheese adds extra flavor to the mushrooms, and when baked, they are absolutely delicious.

I have found that I can substitute cream cheese with mayonnaise and mozzarella mix and I also like to add oregano and basil to season the dish.

This dish is equally grand if you bake smaller variety regular mushrooms, but it’s especially, absurdly delectable if you try it with large portabella mushrooms. Shiitake works well too.

Just make sure your mushrooms are fresh and remember that mushrooms don’t go very well with large quantities of alcohol. Enjoy the recipe and let me know how it went for you!