I love crab meat so much, whenever I get any, I try to cook as many awesome dishes with it, as possible. Luckily for me, in sunny Florida crab meat isn’t an inaccessible delicacy.

This crab stuffed mushroom recipe is an hors d’oeuvre that is worthy of being served at expensive wedding receptions and dinner parties. The combination of delicious crab meat, portobello mushrooms, herbs and bread crumbs is simply scrumptious.

I usually use canned crab meat for this dish, but if you can get a hold on a cup of fresh crab meat, boy oh boy, lucky you! To me, it’s a spring dish, when I have fresh parsley and green onions straight from my garden and I love cooking it in an outside grill, because a bit of smokey smell it adds is simply delicious.

To make seasoning easier, I usually have a mix of garlic powder, salt and pepper, but for this recipe I do recommend using fresh garlic.

It also goes well with regular size white mushroom caps – in case you need finger food sized dish. Also, try swapping cream cheese with ricotta for extra tender filling with creamy flavor. You can also add different greens. Cilantro, dill, chopped leeks, chives will all do well in this recipe alongside parsley.

As for the cooking method, open air grill is my favorite, but this will also taste divine if cooked at home in an oven. I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do!