I don’t really know why this cake is known as Ho Ho Cake. To be it’s more like Ho, Ho, Ho cake, to be it has this distinct Christmas feeling and the name always puts a smile on my face.

This Ho Ho Cake is a moist chocolate cake, covered with soft as cloud vanilla frosting and chocolate ganache. This rich dessert is simple to make and just perfect for Christmas time.

I always use butter for the filling, even though the recipe I have calls for shortening. I’m just not a big fan of the taste of shortening, but it is an alternative you can always use.

My little secret to making this cake extra moist is sabotaging the toothpick check a little. I always get the cake out of the oven while a few crumbs still stick to the toothpick and let it sit for a while so it sets completely, but keeps all the moisture.

Another good thing about this cake is that it can be made by hand completely and you don’t actually need an electric mixer to whisk everything if you don’t have one at hand.

Follow the simple instructions below for a perfect chocolate dessert for your Christmas time!