If you’re one of those people who like to order triple chocolate sundae with rocky road and extra chocolate topping plus chocolate chips and sprinkles, this one is just the right recipe for you.

Death by chocolate cake, true to its name, packs so much chocolate, if you eat a piece you might probably be oozing chocolate from your pores. Also, it’s so good you’ll have problems stopping at just one piece.

This is not a cake for a lazy bake session. In fact, I usually make it over the course or several days. Well, what did you think, all this chocolate needs to be made. And this puppy packs plenty of chocolate. Chocolate cake base, chocolate mousse for the filling, Chocolate Meringue, chocolate ganache and chocolate rum mousse fudge. Sounds like fun? It is, though it’s a lot of effort to.

So, as you can see, I usually make this cake for very special occasions. First thing I do is make sure I have everything I need in the kitchen. I make the cake layers several days before the assembly. Wrapped up they actually keep very well.

I make the meringues on the night before assembling the cake and – and this is really important – keep them in a dry place overnight. Humidity is the meringues’ worst enemy.

The only things I make on the day when I assemble this brilliance, are the mousses and the ganache. Actually simple, if you split it up like that. Just follow the instructions below and you will have an amazing dessert worthy of five Michelene stars.