Do you have a punch bowl? You probably do. So, honestly, how often do get it out of the cupboard, dust it and actually use it? Mine used to be a cupboard ‘treasure’, not seeing the light of days for ages, since we’re more of wine people when it comes to having people over for drinks.

I’d love to share a new way to make your punch bowl useful with you. This punch bowl cake is a great way to serve a recipe you’re mostly familiar with, but because it’s served in such an unconventional way, it’s bound to be a hit at any party.

This cake requires very simple ingredients. Angel food cake – and you can make it using an off the shelf box, according to instructions on the box. Strawberries (or any other berries), fresh. And whipped topping. You can mix it with cream cheese for a more stable filling.

Since to me it’s sort of a party cake, I also add a dash of tequila. It provides for a bit of a bite in the cake which is simply delicious. Of course, you can skip it and the cake won’t be any worse for it. I also tried making it with rum and sherry instead and it worked just as well.

Then all you have to do is assemble it in a punch bowl. Just follow the simple instructions below and you’ll be able to surprise guests at any party with a marvelous dessert!