I love it when a recipe takes traditional flavor and gives it an unconventional form. This is one of those recipes. I have it from my friend you is a lover of all things unconditional and I treasure it.

This apple spice cake takes all the flavor goodies you’re used to taste in an apple pie an gives them a perfect cake shape. A combo of fluffy cake base, buttercream topping and homemade caramel is so delicious you won’t be able to put your fork down.

This recipe might be a tad more complicated than the majority of cake recipes I blog about, but boy is it worth the effort. Since it’s already a bit time-consuming, I usually make this recipe from scratch.

I usually make this cake in a small six inch pan so that I can make a cool-looking tall dessert. If you don’t have one, or simply want a bigger cake, feel free to use 8-inch pan, simply take double of all the ingredients from the list below.

Assembling this cake is quite simple. As a result you have a fantastically flavorful dessert that could impress any gourmet chef, trust me, I’ve tried and it went very well. I hope you enjoy this recipe as well and let me know how it goes for you!