Roll cakes are traditional for European baking and they come in all sorts and varieties. This strawberry roll cake is a fresh summer dessert full of delicious cream and fresh strawberries and it looks just beautiful when it’s cup up for serving.

I like making this roll cake with regular yellow vanilla cake base. In this recipe, I make it from scratch, but a regular off-the-shelf cake base will work just fine.

My cream filling is made from cream cheese and heavy whipping cream – I have found that it’s more stable than even stable whipped cream products. When combined with fresh strawberries, they can slightly lose their firmness because of the fruit acids in the berries react with the cream and make it runny.

I also recommend that you first roll the cake when it’s still hot, without the filling. This way, it will take on the rolled shape and it will be much easier to roll it with the filling after the cake itself cools.

If fresh strawberries ar not in season, using strawberry jam is also a very good option. The taste will be slightly different, the same goes for the structure, but with the jam, you won’t have the danger or runny filling, so you can use any ready made whipped cream topping instead.

I also like dusting this cake with sugar powder or decorating it with almond shavings, but you can come up with your own decor and use whatever you find is suitable. Just follow the simple instruction below to make this awesome cake!