This delicious cake comes straight from sunny Italy and when I make it I feel like I’m on a fancy vacation in Europe. Like its name suggests, it’s deliciously sweet with the tastes of milk, sugar, caramel and everything they offer.

This dulce con leche cake is frosted with buttercream and you can decorate it with almond shavings, chocolate chips or even design something special with macarons and other cake decorations.

The secret to making this cake super tall and moist is the browned butter batter and dulce con leche frosting. It may seem like a challenge to make, but if you follow the simple instructions below, it will actually seem like a fun time. Really, nothing special to making this cake at all.

I wish I would tell you that I know of ways to make this cake with store bought cake mix, but I don’t, so trust me on this, making it from scratch is not going to be that hard. But if you don’t have access to traditional dulce con leche, you can make your own from regular sweetened condensed milk. All you have to do is to boil the cans with condensed milk for an hour or so.
In Italy, traditionally this is serves with espresso coffee. I think the cake is so good you can serve it with whatever you like. Good luck making it and I hope you have fun!