I really enjoy fruity upside down cakes for one reason: caramelized fruit. Caramelized fruit, when the cake is turned upside down, like its name suggests, oozes sugary hot juice and it soaks the cake matter, making it even more moist and delicate.

There’s a reason why the cake is baked with fruit on the bottom. All the juice stays there, mixes with sugar and only then soaks the cake when you flipping it, thus adding extra moisture and flavor to the already well-baked pie.

I’ve done variations of this cake with pineapples, oranges, peaches and plums. I especially like the peach upside down cake because peaches caramelized so nicely and taste so well when they are heat processed.

And they do create such a lovely pattern on top of the cake that it needs no additional decoration. You can serve it with coffee or as a special weekend breakfast treat, in fact, I think this cake is welcome whenever.

I do recommend making it with fresh peaches though, because canned peaches can be just a tad too mushy for the upside down cakes. Though they are perfect for dump cakes and cobblers.

Here’s hoping you enjoy the cake!