This elegant, sophisticated looking dessert can become a highlight of any celebration.

A striking chocolate and white tuxedo cake with an artful disarray of grated chocolate on top ups the poshness degree for any party. If you want to come off as fancy – this is a great chance.

While it does look very dramatic, the cooking process is actually quite simple and you can even use a store bought cake mix for the cake layers. I use cream cheese based filling, it gives a perfect off-white color in contrast with the dark chocolate cakes. If you prefer, you can always use mascarpone as a base.

To make those artful-looking chocolate curls, you can use slightly warmed baker’s chocolate and a regular vegetable peeler. Don’t forget to refrigerate them after you’re done. As an alternative kind of decor for this cake, melt chocolate over a boiling water and dip a few large strawberries in. Let cool and put on top of the cake.

Follow these simple instructions to bake this cake and you will be the star of any party.