If you like citrus-flavored desserts, you’re going to love this limoncello cake. It has it all – the moist, saturated texture, soaked with lemon flavors, a tang of liqueur and delicious frosting.

This limoncello cake is a perfect dessert to serve on a lazy afternoon with a cup of coffee or even a glass of prosecco. It will give you a fine vibe of Mediterranean, and a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Limoncello icing recipe is simple.

I usually bake limoncello liqueur cake in a bundt pan, but using a regular square or round pan also works fine – it all depends on a shape you like. You can use butter or sour cream as a fatty base for the batter, either option is good. I prefer sour cream simply because it slightly reflects on the calorie count and with all the baking I do, I feel like I need to go for lighter versions once in a while.

A good thing about recipe for limoncello cake: if you are really pressed for time or don’t feel like spending to much effort, it’s absolutely okay to use a ready made yellow cake mix as a base. Just don’t forget to add lemon zest and limoncello.

If you worry about this recipe being a kid-friendly one, with the alcohol in it, well, the alcohol evaporates from limoncello soaked cake during baking, leaving only the flavor, and you can always substitute limoncello with regular lemon juice for the frosting.

Go ahead and try this delicious cake out! Oh, and if you have a small glass or three of that limoncello while you’re baking, that’s fine, I won’t judge!