Would you like to get an easy recipe for ground pork? This amazing dish is a fun mashup of lasagna and stuffed cabbage. Layers of chopped cabbage leaves and made from scratch meat sauce with melty mozzarella cheese (you can use not just mozzarella but ricotta or parmesan or even a mixture of it) and topped with marinara sauce. This cabbage lasagna is as tasty as it sounds. If you love cabbage like I do it should become your must try baking dish.

I am not even sure if this dish should be called lasagna or a stuffed cabbage pie with perfect sauce this dish is original and is sure not to disappoint. Classic stuffed cabbage flavors in a form of a layered lasagna, this idea is simply brilliant.

You get all the taste, texture and flavors of the stuffed cabbage but with a fraction of work. It only takes 45 minutes from start to finish. No need to waste minutes and roll individual little pieces when you can form a gorgeous lasagna and save a ton of time and effort. Mozzarella cheese adds a delicious melty, creamy element which is a perfect compliment to the freshly cabbage, tomatoes and bottom meat layer. And did I mention this lasagna is very low carb? It can not get better then that. You can enjoy it absolutely guilt free and trust me, once you take a bite you won’t be able to stop devouring this phenomenal dish.

The sauce for the pie (or lasagna?) can be made from any of your favorite ground meat like turkey, chicken, pork and beef. Sticking with the stuffed cabbage theme we are using ground pork for this recipe. The addition of fragrant onions, basil, balsamic vinegar and sweet carrots really balances out all the flavors of this mouthwatering filling. The cabbage leaves need to be boiled and peeled, to soften them up and make manageable, prior to assembling the lasagna.

Give a new life to your average lasagna with this fun twist on a classic preparation. The recipe is easy, extravirgin, delicious and absolutely foolproof. And only requires a handful of inexpensive, basic ingredients. But the result is a phenomenal cabbage lasagna that will please even the pickiest eaters.