I love hearty lasagna but I am also trying to get ready for that bikini season. This turkey lasagna is a perfect balance of both worlds. It is filling and satisfying but also lower in calories and healthier that a regular lasagna. Turkey lasagna combines all the traditional layers of this comforting dish: noodles, cheese mixture, meat sauce and mozzarella and parmesan cheese.

With a little health focused tweaks  we are going to transform the average lasagna into a wholesome, nutritious dish.

Ground turkey is lean and is high in quality protein making it a perfect choice as beef substitution. And there is no sacrifices in the flavor department whatsoever. The turkey mixture is combined with crashed tomatoes, tomato sauce and paste, fresh and dried fragrant herbs for a superb, made from scratch turkey meat sauce. It is plentiful tasty and abundant in your favorite Italian flavors like fennel and basil.

You can also use whole wheat noodles in place of processed white flour noodles for a higher fiber content and more nutritional value. Gluten free brown rice noodles also work great. Sturdy whole wheat noodles are perfect for soaking in all the delicious juices from the robust turkey meat sauce and creamy ricotta cheese.

Amp up the lasagna flavors with fresh basil, it really adds and unbeatable freshness, lends the lasagna its powerful aroma and cuts through the richness of the cheese. One bite of this phenomenal lasagna and you won’t be able to stop eating it. Good thing it has less calories and is good for you. Lasagna is a perfect meal if you need to feed a large crowd of people. I always make it for work potlucks or family gatherings. I get raving reviews about this recipe and nobody can possibly even guess how healthy this lasagna also is.