Do you already know how to make healthy lasagna? Beloved brown healthy lasagna with mushrooms and tomato sauce is an ultimate comfort dish that is hearty, carb satisfying, filling, oozing with mozzarella and ricotta cheese goodness, that is also a calorie bomb among other things. And with the summer rapidly approaching, read bikini season, how do we extinguish our lasagna cravings. Well it is absolutely possible with this healthy yummy lasagna recipe. There is no sacrifices in flavor department and with only 259 calories per serving this best version of dish is a definite lasagna recipe winner.

I want to share healthy meat lasagna recipe with you. Here is a couple of tips how to cook and trim off a significant amount of calories and fat from the lasagna. Use whole wheat pasta or gluten free brown rice lasagna noodles with low calories instead of similar whole wheat but very high in calories pasta. They are loaded with filling fiber and will keep your energy levels up and will be careful for your waist. Go for a high quality, lean, grass-fed or organic beef and instead of mixing it with jarred or homemade tomato sauce just simply add crushed fresh tomatoes and basil to make the healthier meat sauce. Also add chopped up mushrooms or other seasonal vegetables to the meat sauce for the extra volume. They are super low in calories, pair wonderfully with beef and serve as a satisfying nutritious filler. I also throw in some spinach to boost the nutritional content of the sauce even further and make it full of vitamins and antioxidants.

Substitute low fat cheese for the whole milk variety. Part skim mozzarella and ricotta work great and save a ton of calories. And last but not least do not skimp on fresh herbs. Chopped basil adds an abundant amount of flavor with literally no added calories.

This great, delicious and cozy variation of mushroom lasagna can be enjoyed absolutely guilt free while it tastes absolutely the same as classic lasagna. The combination of flavors stays the same as a regular cheese lasagna but it is healthier, easier and more wholesome. The best thing you can indulge in this scrumptious, cheesy dish without worrying about the size of your waist.