I love a delicious sandwich for lunch and this chicken salad sandwich is definitely one of my favorites.

This simple meal in-a-flesh can be created using basic ingredients that anyone has in their fridge: cooked chicken, scallions, celery, red pepper, almonds, mayonnaise, plain Greek yogurt, bread and seasonings. All of them go perfect together.

Savory chicken mixed with creamy tangy mayonnaise and yogurt, crunchy celery and peppers. Almonds also add delicious nutty flavor to the salad, that you can’t go wrong with. All served on a carb comforting multigrain bread and make for an irresistible sandwich.

I like to part my mayonnaise with greek yogurt just for a more delicate but complex dressing flavor and velvety texture. And also to get more nutritious benefits. It pairs great with savory chicken.

You can absolutely cook your own chicken but I usually just use rotisserie or leftover. It just makes this dish super quick and easy to make. The choice of bread is solely up to you: my daughter likes it on a simple white, by husband prefers baguette but I love a hearty multigrain bread.

This is a great make-ahead option, it holds great in the fridge for up to 3 days. Just put it together in the beginning of the week for a convenient lunch when you are pressed for time.

This dish is also very cost conscious but very tasty, no fancy ingredients to spend money on but the result is mouthwatering.

This nutritious, well balanced sandwich is very healthy as well. You get lean protein from chicken, Heart-healthy fiber from the multigrain bread and calcium from greek yogurt. You can eat it guilt free and thoroughly enjoy it!