This nutritious chicken taco salad is everything you will ever want in a light, healthy but satisfying fresh summer inspired easy to cook meal. Winner all the way. Chicken taco pasta salad is so awesome it tastes just like a great flavorful chicken taco salad you would get in a nice restaurant. Easy chicken taco salad recipe is just a delight to make something different than just a traditional mixed greens salad with a dressing. The best thing in this chicken taco salad recipe is that it takes minutes to make salad so you don’t waste a lot of time to get tasty, nutritious, healthy, proteinpacked dinner everyone in your family would like. It is also great for work lunches. This perfect meal for dinner or lunch will help you stay skinny because it has low calories while it is absolutely proteinpacked and very tasty. This recipe is my favorite.

With all the healthy, flavorful, fresh, delicious ingredients this easy-to-make salad packs a powerful flavor punch. Emerald green spinach makes up for the base of this taco salad. Fresh red cherry tomatoes add some sweetness together with a fun pop of color, red and green onions give the salad a nice spicy kick.

Crispy, crunchy tortilla chips bring in classic southwestern flavor. We finish off the salad with yummy chicken and creamy cheddar cheese.

I love how colorful and vibrant this vegetable salad is. Looks and smells so appetizingly fresh and tempting, especially with avocado and guacamole sauce.

Thanks to vegetables such as onions and tomatoes, this wholesome salad is a power house of nutrients. It is crazy good for you. It covers the whole spectrum of your daily food pyramid while it helps you stay skinny. Protein, fiber, healthy good carbs, dairy, whole vitamins and minerals – this is all about this tortilla salad.

There is couple ways you can make the chicken for the salad. You can simply sprinkle it with taco seasoning and grill it, However if you don’t feel like breaking down the grill and waste much time just for a quick salad lunch you can easily sear the chicken sprinkled with seasonings on the skillet. I recommend to pound it first, especially if using chicken breast just to tenderize it a little bit.

I also use a store-bought ranch dressing for this particular recipe. The tangy creamy flavor of ranch creates a perfect balance with the rest of the ingredients. You can also make my low fat creamy cilantro dressing for a healthier option. I serve it with my southwestern salad recipe and you can find the recipe for cook the dressing there.

This is a fantastic salad for the whole family to serve on a warm summer night. I hope everyone will enjoy it as much as I do!