This salad is a quintessential summer dish!

If you are a lover of easy salad recipes like we are sure to try my Green Pea Salad

No one will be able to resist this crisp and creamy offering featuring simple and delicious ingredients like cucumbers, avocados, fresh dill, red onion, kale and lemon dressing. There is just something so refreshing about it especially when you pair it with superstar lemon dressing.

It can be enjoyed alone or be served as a perfect compliment to any of your favorite proteins like grilled chicken, fish or meat. I prefer using English or Persian cucumbers.

First variety is a longer cucumber that has very thin skin and is seedless, so no peeling or seeding is needed, which just makes it so simple. Persian cucumbers are a smaller and sweeter variety then regular cucumbers and work great in this salad as well.

After I cut my avocados into small cubes I usually coat them with lemon juice right away to prevent browning. I also love to use red onions just for a fun pop of color but any milder variety will work great. Just soak your finely chopped onions in cold water before adding to your salad to get rid of that  extra “bite”.

And just when you thought it could not get any better and healthier we will be adding washed and de-stemmed kale ( could be substituted for spinach) just to make it extra nutritious. I do have a small tip about using kale.

It can be little tough so I toss it with my made ahead  lemon dressing and leave it in a fridge for a half an hour . Dill also adds that perfect freshness to this yummy salad.

This is definitely my go-to summer recipe, I can literally eat avocados every day of the week.   It is super healthy, super easy,  beautiful and fun salad that takes less then 15 minutes to make. Enjoy!