This beautiful summer salad is bursting with colors! The bouquet includes bright yellow corn, green cucumbers and parsley, red cherry tomatoes and onions all tossed in a simple vinaigrette. But it is not just delicious to look at, it does taste amazing as well.

Take advantage of the bounty of fresh seasonal vegetables to create this easy offering!

Simple 5 Farm fresh produce ingredients that could be found year round but especially good in season. So definitely take advantage of it in summer.

It goes great with grilled pork chops, chicken, steak you name it! It could even be used as your favorite taco salsa. Just substituted your vinaigrette with simple lime juice.

Bring this corn salad to a cookout and you ll see it will become an instant hit without you having to break your bank. I have all my friends raving about this amazing salad and it bacame my potluck staple that I bring when we get together with family and friends. And did I mention how cheap and easy it is to make? That is my favorite part about it.

If you have some extra time definitely throw the corn on the grill for that extra smokey flavor before cutting it off the cob. You can also boil it or even use frozen corn.

Crunchy cucumbers, parsley and ripe cherry tomatoes add the ultimate freshness to the salad making it a truly irresistible side dish.

And don’t be shy with salt on this one. It will definitely add a ton of flavor to this simple dish. This light colorful summer vinaigrette is one of the easiest recipes ever. Main ingredients are corn, cucumber, chopped green herbs, tablespoon parsley, kernels, sliced red onion, salt, quartered cherry tomatoes, teaspoon extravirgin olive oil. No need to follow instructions, there are many options. You can add feta cheese, olives and sweet pepper and get beautiful Greek salad. Or omit cheese, add cup of diced radishes, basil, mint, one medium ripe salty avocado, crumbled drained dill, combine with minced arugula, defrosted vegetables, slice of lemon, balsamic vinegar or liquid dairy free dip, and salad will get new tang and taste. It is great appetizer, one of my fauvorites. It is perfect when you grill meat or cook other hot food. Gently pour it with olive oil, serve in big bowl. The salad will be simple and delicious anyway, especially served with wine. Add frozen strawberry as a dessert.