Ham salad is a traditional American salad. A close brother to chicken, egg and tuna salads where proteins and mayonnaise create a perfect pairing of flavors. Creamy savory mayo is always a perfect compliment to the meat, fish or chicken.

Ham salad is very simple and inexpensive to make. And what a great way to use your Easter leftovers!

This recipy is also very kid friendly because let’s be honest kids love ham!

It can be served on sandwiches, or as a spread or dip. I definitely recommend using food processor for the spreads. It is going to be smaller diced and more suitable for spreading on crackers or eating with chips. You can make it chunkier by dicing it by hand and it works great for sandwiches.

And there are tons of add-ins you can compliment the main ingredient with: zesty relishes, shredded cheese, cut veggies and chopped hard-boiled eggs. And the best part those are all the basics that anybody has in the fridge. No need to do extra shopping to make this dish.

This particular recipe calls for celery, dill pickle relish, hard-boiled eggs and onions.

Celery gives it a crispy crunch, while relish adds a little zesty kick. Hard-boiled eggs balance the saltiness of the ham while onions bring in a little touch of spice. If you don’t like the “rawness” of the onion just soak them in cold water for about 10 minutes before serving. It will cut down on the raw taste.

Ham salad is my favorite, because it has original soft taste, fresh flavors and few calories. You can use other boneless chopped meat blended with different ingredients. I cook it with salty mayonnaise, black pepper, roughly minced greens, mustard mixed in blender, prepared mixture of assorted seasonings, tablespoon salt. Stir the mixture. I serve it chilled with small homemade biscuits and cup of tea, combine with finely diced hot sweet potatoes. Garlic is optional. Cover the bowl with lid. I usually cook four servings. Salad is definitely perfect garnish for cooked beefsteaks.

I also use a touch of Dijon or yellow mustard, whatever I have on hand. But remember a little goes a long way.

This salad is a great quick meal or snack that will disappear from the plate in a blink of an eye!