This beautifully green pistachio salad is a fun dessert potluck side that everyone will love! Bring pistachio pineapple salad to any party or get together and it will sure to satisfy anybody’s sweet tooth. What can be better on a hot summer day then this fluffy pistachio pudding mixed with tropical pinapple, squishy mini marshmallows and airy whipped topping. Main ingredients of pistachio salad recipe are soft pistachio pudding, blended greens, walnuts, pecans or other nuts for texture and decorating (seriously, you can easy use any ingredient for these functions if desired). It looks simply beautiful when garnished one of the perfect christmas recipes.

Kids go bonkers over it and I can’t blame them.

What I love most about this salad is the fun texture combinations! Pistachio pudding gives this salad it’s predominant color and taste. Nutty, earthy pistachio flavor blends great with sweet fruity pineapple. And you get chewy, silky marshmallows with every bite! Cherries, chocolate chip, cookies mix or other potlucks can be perfect compliment to this recipe. I serve it in huge bowl, put in refrigerate overnight (for 8-10 hours), cover with white towel.

The salad is a beautiful mint green color ( thanks to pistachios ) and will fit right in on your Easter or Christmas festive table as well.

And the added bonus is it is a no brainer to make and will take all of 5 minutes to do so.

You can also whip it together ahead of time and leave in the fridge for all the flavors to combine. It tastes even better the next day! This pistachio pudding salad recipe is an extraordinary one.

Marshmallows will soak in all the residual juices from crushed pineapple making them flavorful and overall salad little thicker.

You can also sprinkle some chopped toasted pistachios on top of the salad right before serving. It will add a fun crunch to an overall silky and fluffy dish. And an unbeatable nutty aroma that no one could resist.

I have been making this side dessert for years and receive great compliments all the time!

My family members like this colored food as garnish for meat and red wine. This light salad also tastes amazing with large cool bottle of maraschino and juice for kids. It is our Christmas hit now !

Enjoy the result!