It is hard to imagine a potluck, summer barbecue or a picnic with friends without an American classic-potato salad. Some people find it a little bit bland and boring but not this recipe.

I have made it countless times and I always get compliments about how delicious the flavor is! People also rave and swoon over the firm waxy texture of this delightful side dish.

The secret is the potatoes. I use red potatoes or Yukon gold because they don’t fall apart and turn the salad into a mush. Whichever you prefer: I find that gold potatoes have a little thinner smoother eye-free skin. Red potatoes make this salad look very pretty and appetizing with a pop of pink color that is very eye-pleasing.

Heat up water with salt, boil potato slices in it, let chill, cover with towel. Then cut different vegetables, pour with virgin olive oil, toss some pepper in pot. I usually serve it in large bowl with both fork and spoon.

Celery and onions add a perfect crunch. Sweet relish is essential in this salad. It brings in a little bit of sweet and a little bit of tart and acidic flavors that pair amazingly with creamy hard-boiled eggs and comforting potatoes.

I also love parsley! It gives this salad wonderful herbal aroma that no one could resist. You can also use any other of your favorite fresh herbs like dill, chives or thyme. Just don’t go overboard, they can easily overpower the rest of the ingredients.

Grate the onion instead of dicing it to cut down on the potency of the flavor. Or omit them all together if you can’t stomach the veg. You can throw in some chopped up red or green peppers for an extra crunch in every bite.

You can cook truly vegetarian dairyfree healthy glutenfree salad without an egg or add white mayonnaise or mustard and serve it to lunch together with tender salmon. I like it with steak or chicken with couple seasoning tablespoons. This is one of recipes suitable for paleo diet, without starchy products, vinegars, acids, fries.

This salad could be served warm or cold. And I think it tastes even better the next day. Make it ahead and let all the layers of flavors come together! How convenient.

This salad is always a winner! Super quick and easy and will not break a bank. It is a good compliment to fruity or sherry wine, apple cider or cool champagne. You actually can combine cold drinks with cranberry and caprese from your fridge. Thats totally classic combination.