This 3 bean salad is a filling, protein rich versatile dish! And most importantly super effordable and easy to put together just using your basic pantry ingredients.

It is a quintessential side dish at any potlucks or barbecues, but I also love it as a simple meatless mexican dish.

Just wrap it in a corn tortilla, add avocados and salsa and you have amazing vegetarian tacos for lunch. I also can scoop it with corn chips all day long for a healthy nutritious snack.

There are so many variations of this popular salad. I use kidney beans, garbanzos and cannellinies. Lots of recipes call for canned green beans instead of cannellini but I love their silky texture and nutty flavor. And truly never tasted a canned green bean I liked!

Garbanzo beans have a satisfiing nutty flavor but a slightly grainy texture that makes a great contrast with other ingredients in this salad.

Crunchy peppers and red onions balance out the soft creamy beans. It is truly a great pairing of ingredients. You can use red, green or yellow papers. Or all of them for a beautiful bouquet of fresh bright colors.

Parsley brings in an unbeatable freshness and rosemary adds a fragrant earthy flavor. I love using fresh herbs in all of my salads. Just a touch adds a great depth of flavor to any basic ingredient.

This salad is served cold, and the longer it sits in the fridge the better it tastes, letting all the flavors come together. The traditional dressing for the salad is sweet and sour vinaigrette made with olive oil, apple cider vinegar and sugar. And you can whisk it together in no time at all! This salad is a winner all around!