Living in a hot tropical climate I rarely crave warming hearty meals for lunch. I mostly just eat bowl salads. I love them.

This buffalo chicken salad is one of my favorites. It is bursting with summer flavors of grilled and buffalo. This is not your ordinary chicken salad.

What a great way to experience the taste of hot buffalo chicken without the mess and excess calories. It really is very easy to prepare and needs just a few minutes to cook. The chicken is grilled on medium heat instead of deep oil fried and then coated in buffalo sauce. So you get both of the best worlds in your portion of salad: amazing taste with less calories.

I also grill the corn and onions for an added charred, summer in your mouth taste. Onions get beautifully caramelized which brings an added sweetness and cuts down on the raw, spicy taste. Nobody wants to have raw onion breath for the rest of the day. Mix of creamy avocados and cherry tomatoes round up the remaining ingredient list with lettuce as a filler.

This salad is very vibrant and colorful. Carrots, pepper, tomato, cucumber, celery and lettuce combined with chicken just look very beautiful and appetizing on your plate. I love the rainbow of colors. You also can sprinkle some cheese on it. So healthy and nutritious.

I like to keep it quick and easy with my lunches so I am just using store-bought ranch dressing. Ranch dressing and buffalo chicken is an unbeatable combination. Its tangy and creamy and just pairs perfectly with savory, spicy chicken. This salad is a huge crowd pleaser.

I usually make it all summer long and even grill my corn, chicken and onions in advance so I can just throw everything together for a quick but satisfying meal. You can brush your chicken with some buffalo sauce while grilling as well for an extra kick of flavor.

This salad is a wonderful addition to add to your summer salad rotation.