This amazing chicken pasta salad is inspired by all my favorite greek flavors. It is a beautiful, colorful salad full of crispy bell peppers, ripe cherry tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers, zesty red onions, marinated olives, lean grilled chicken and savory feta cheese. All on a bed of freshly cooked pasta.

What a pretty kaleidoscope of colors! Just looks so appetizing on my plate. Every time I make it I can’t wait to dig in.

For pasta I prefer using fusilli. All of it’s crinkles and crevices are just perfect for holding onto the dressing and bits of feta in this pasta salad. Cherry tomatoes are meaty and will not make the dish watery. For olives, I stick with traditional calamata olives, just make sure they are pitted. I also like to peel the cucumbers and I usually use English seedless variety. If you are not crazy about raw onions, just soak them in the cold water after you chop them up to get rid of some of the bite.

This salad is very healthy and filling. And it has tons of nutritious benefits. All the fresh vegetables, protein rich grilled chicken and fiber-friendly pasta. Want to make it even more wholesome, use whole grain pasta instead of regular kind. This salad is just phenomenally tasty and most importantly super easy to make.

Just a few simple steps like boiling pasta, grilling chicken, chopping vegetables and whisking  together homemade greek dressing. Yes I am also making the dressing from scratch! it just tastes so much better then the store-bought one, and it is better for you with no added preservatives and sodium.

This greek dressing is a cherry on top for all of the greek flavors of this salad. It is a perfect compliment to all of the ingredients.

Just under 25 minutes you can have a delicious, healthy lunch on your plate. Or make it a quick light dinner or even bring it to a summer barbecue. This salad is so versatile and is always a member of my weekly  salad rotation. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!