This timeless basic chicken salad is definitely one of my family’s favorite! It is exactly how I remember it when my mom made it for me.

This simple meal in a flesh can be created using basic ingredients that anyone has in their fridge: cooked chicken, scallions, celery, red pepper, almonds, mayonnaise, plain Greek yogurt and seasonings. All of them go perfect together.

Savory chicken mixed with creamy mayonnaise and yogurt,crunchy celery and peppers, almonds also add delicious nutty flavor that you can’t go wrong with.

And the most exciting thing is that you can use this salad so many different ways. Wrap it in a flour tortilla for a chicken salad wrap lunch, top you favorite greens with it or serve it in a sandwich.

You can also get resourceful about the chicken. No time to bake or boil the chicken breast not a problem at all just use leftover rotisserie chicken. It can’t even get more simple then that!

You can also easily make thus yummy salad ahead and store in the fridge for up to 3 day for a quick weekday meal. I would not recommend freezings it though because mayonnaise separates when frozen and it changes the texture of the salad.

I also like to toast the almonds to make them extra fragrant. Just place your almonds on a frying pan and toast over medium heat, shaking frequently.

Made with only 5 ingredients the dressing for the salad is quite simple but oh-so-tasty. Greek yogurt adds a little tangy flavor that goes great with chicken and the veggies. And I love a little hint of lemon. Scallions also add an unbeatable freshness to the dressing.

This salad is great and simple! Exactly what the name implies, you just have to try it!