Some days you just crave something very healthy and nutritious but at the same time very tasty. And I have the recipe for you here. This carrot salad is the best! You will be really surprised with this fresh and lovely side dish. You will enjoy this tangy and sweet food as much as I do, I’m apparently a big fan of it. Its dressing and texture will please you. It doesn’t need many ingredients. Just carrots which should be grating with the grater with large holes. In this case its slivers will be the finest ones.

Grated Carrots are the predominant ingredients and the base for this salad. Raisins, dried cranberries, pecans, walnuts, shredded coconut and pumpkin seeds are perfect compliments. Olive oil, lemon juice, dijon and herbs will yeild its own flavor

All of those wonderful ingredients are hosts of impressive health benefits including beautiful skin, anti-aging and even cancer prevention. Carrot are rich in beta-carotene which is converted into vitamin A. Who needs to take a pill when you can just eat this delicious salad.

The actuall flavor of the salad is delicate and not overwhelming at all. And shredded coconut definitely brings in a surprising exotic twist. It just feels and tastes breezy and tropical. A truly unbeatable combination.

This salad looks soo gorgeous and appetizing in a glass bowl as well. No one will be able to resist it! Bold citrusy orange color of carrots is very aesthetically pleasing. Just seems very summery and screams healthy.

And if you are a fan of a easy salad this one is definitely a great match! It is so simple to make! Just throw all the ingredients together and voila it’s ready. There is no set measurement you can adjust the proportions to suit your personal taste.

This dressing is a star of this dish. And the secret ingredients is ginger. There is no flavor in the world quite like ginger. It is zesty and spicy yet sweet and warm with a very slight woody flavor. It absolutely makes this aromatic vinaigrette. I highly recommend you give this pretty and yummy salad a try and I bet it will become a regular on your table.