Tom Yum soup is my go-to appetizer at any Thai restaurant! I love it so much I order it every single time. I am addicted! But what do I do when I can’t get to a Thai restaurant? It just seemed like an impossible and complicated task to make it at home. I asked myself how to cook tom yum soup.

But when I finally got enough courage to cook it and came up with this easy recipe, it came out wonderful! I couldn’t be more surprised. It’s the best tom yum soup recipe ever! I made it many times since then and it’s always delicious. It is a definite lunch regular on my table now. Even if you’ve never been to Thailand you can try this popular recipe and cook delicious thai tom yum soup, fresh, light, hot, flavored, spicy – just quick, amazing and healthy – any time you want and have these basic ingredients: broth, sliced mushrooms, such as shiitake cilantro, shrimp or other seafood, ginger, noodles, chile peppers, onions or scallions – each of them will deliver its specific flavor to the bowls. Are you still not sure is tom yum soup healthy or not?

Tom yum is a type of hot and sour Thai soup. Tom referring to a boiling process and yum meaning spicy and sour salad. It is characterized by those two distinct flavors with fragrant spices and herbs generously used in the broth.

Tom yam thai is an exotic but simple soup.

This soup is also made with fresh ingredients like lemongrass, galangal root and wild lime leaves. This warming bold-flavored broth is infused with all of the above and also chili-garlic sauce. It is a kind of rasam recipe.

All those ingredients might sound crazy exotic but believe it or not you can find all of them at your nearest import market or even at some of the grocery stores. The only one that could possibly be hard to get is galangal. It has gingery pine-like aroma with a lemon-like sour taste, peppery spice and even hints of eucalyptus. It is very similar to ginger but may be not as hot. So if you can’t get your hands on it no worries you can absolutely use ginger instead.

Thai chicken tom yum soup recipe is not the simplest, but its worth it!

This soup also usually includes some kind of meat like shrimp or chicken and mushrooms. I love mine with shrimp the most, but if you have shellfish allergies it tastes amazing with chicken as well. The aromatic flavorful broth is the star of the dish with the rest of the ingredients being complementary.

With this easy but delicious recipe that takes less then 30 minutes you can have a mouthwatering Thai dish at the convenience of your own home!