This delicious Filipino cuisine inspired soup is delicious and nutritious. Tamarind is the base of the soup with the dominant sour and savory flavors that come along with it. Tamarind is the main key ingredient in the soup and everything else is just up to your inspirations, availability of ingredients and vast imagination.

That is why I love this soup so much. It is crazy versatile. Use any protein of your choice like pork shoulder, chicken and even fish to create a flavorful broth and fill it up with the bounty of fresh, exotic vegetables to the brim. Use all the leftover forgotten vegetables that have been sitting in the back of the fridge and protein of your choice for a healthy and tasty comforting meal.

Like I mentioned before the constant in the soup is its souring agent – tamarind. You can use packaged frozen unripe tamarind pods or tamarind seasoning mix.

Pork shoulder is my choice of meat for the soup, it is inexpensive, lean, flavorful and simply delicious when combined with all the vegetables. The sky is the limit for the vegetable choices. Potatoes, daikon radishes, taro root, bok choy, green beans, carrots, spinach, tomatoes and onions. Literally anything goes.

This soup is a no brainer to make. The pork shoulder is first boiled until tender and the vegetables are then added depending on their cooking times. The tamarind juice is added last. As the translucent soup stock comes to life and the bubbles start to jump briskly all over you can smell tangy and comforting, extremely fragrant tamarind aromas. And the smell is just taunting and it is hard to wait for the soup to be ready.

Serve this culinary delight with a steaming hot bowl of sticky rice for an appetizing and satisfying complete meal.