This hearty easy recipe of absolutely delicious steak soup is a mashup between a big juicy beef steak and cozy, warming soup. Homemade steak soup, just like the name implies. This exceptionally tasty soup packs luxuriously rich beefy flavors thanks to the mouthwatering sirloin steak. The fat rendering out of the steak during low and slow cooking process really boosts the meaty, bold flavors of the broth. Whatever beef steak meals you were ever tasting – this steak soup recipe will definitely become one of your favorite recipes as it is not that light and brings the feeling of absolute satiety.

Beyond steak there are other ingredients that help with fortifying the flavors of the soup. Carrots and potatoes provide a nice robust addition to the soup making it a complete meal package filled with protein, carbs and vegetables.

The onions really bring in a wonderful, fragrant background flavor of the steak soup together with a mix of seasonings and herbs. We also add a bit of tomato paste and diced tomatoes for a nice additional umami flavor for the broth. A couple tablespoons of steak sauce round up the ingredients. Soups are truly amazing because of the endless customization they provide. You can absolutely experiment with the ingredient.

To really maximize and deepen the beefy flavors of the soup it is really important to sear the sirloin in butter in the beginning of the soup making process. The browned, caramelized meat will really bring in the complexity of flavors to the soup. Flour is also used as a thickening agent.

This is the kind of soup you want to come back home after spending all day in a cold. It is extra comforting and hearty. Each ingredient is in its place. Delicious chunks of melt-in-your mouth, stewed steak with creamy potatoes and colorful sweet carrots. It is mouthwatering indeed. The broth is plentiful tasty and abundant in flavor. Make sure to serve it with bread so you can get every single drop of that goodness. It is also very easy to make and comes together just over an hour. It sure to become a huge crowd pleaser and everyone will be fighting for the leftovers. Here is the recipe of how to make this perfect steak soup.