This recipe is for those who don’t like dishes filled with calories. This delicious and scrumptious shrimp and corn soup is perfect for the fresh corn season. It is full of classic cajun flavors and quick and easy to make. When most of the cajun cuisine soups recipes require complicated roux making process as the base for the soup, this recipe doesn’t, it is flour-free all together. Fresh summer corn kernels simmered in savory tomato and bell pepper broth that make a perfect savory bath for cajun spiced sautéed shrimp.

Garlic, onions and celery mixture is a fragrant background flavor that is accented by fresh thyme, bay leaf and smoked paprika. This soup is light, lowfat and healthy but satisfying and nutritious at the same time. It is the perfect food and it is one of those recipes which will become your favorite by no means

Made without added dairy this soup lets the fresh corn and succulent shrimp flavors shine through. Fresh corn is the superstar of this dish. That is why it is such a better choice to use fresh corn on the cob with all the tasty juices that will be incorporated into the broth, then the frozen kind.

The preparation of the soup is pretty basic and just under an hour you can have a hearty soup that is bursting with Cajun flavors. Start the soup by chucking corn on the cob and cutting off the kernels. Then sauté the shrimp that has been generously coated in cajun seasoning. Make an aromatic soup base by cooking onion, celery, garlic, peppers and herbs together. Then add the tomato paste, corn, potatoes and simmer for 30 minutes to create a mouthwatering luxurious broth. You can check if the potato is necessary for you and whether put a little of it or don’t use potatoes at all – it still will be traditional shrimp and corn soup, working for those who needs to keep diet.

You can also remake the traditions – simply add milk instead of tomato paste.

With an exceptional flavor and how easy it is to make, this soup is sure to become your new family favorite recipe. It is amazing when served with warm cornbread to come along to pick up all the juices. You will be making this soup recipe all corn season long and wouldn’t be able to get enough of it.