Save yourself a trip to the Japanese steakhouse and make this hibachi staple appetizer soup at home! It is quick and easy and the taste is spot-on to a restaurant prepared one. Hibachi soup is a clear broth created by simmering meat broths and vegetables together over a long period of time to create an intense, complex flavor of the soup.

I found that the most delicious and closest to the restaurant version, homemade Japanese hibachi Soup is made with 2 parts chicken broth, 1 part beef broth, and extra water to allow for evaporation. If you just use chicken broth the soup will be beautiful and clear but might lack in the flavor department. Using all beef broth doesn’t produce a pretty clear stock that is a quintessential look for the soup. The soup is then garnished with cooked mushrooms and fresh chopped green onions for a fun pop of color. Hibachi soup is easy to cook, you just need to boil sliced celery, chopped onion, japanese mushrooms, carrot and your other favorite ingredients. The broth is based on water, minced vegetables and couple of fried meat chunks. Medium level boiling is best, that means you can combine any bouillon with your mixture in saucepan and follow directions. There are also low calories in cup of chicken carrot noodle soup so it is perfect for your diet.

This soup is even better when cooked in advance. The time lets all the flavors blend in together intensifying the taste and aroma of the soup.

This hibachi clear soup recipe is super simple to make. Just a few simple steps, basic widely available ingredients and a little bit of time. Start making this habachi soup by sautéing large pieces of vegetables like onions, carrots, ginger, and garlic in a pot. This will caramelize them releasing the flavors. Then add chicken and beef broths and water, simmer for at least one hour. Remove the veggies and serve with chopped button mushrooms and scallions or any of your favorite Japanese garnishes and toppings.

This soup which name is hibachi is a powerhouse of flavors, very light in calories and a great way to start a meal. The recipe is also extremely flexible. You can omit any of the vegetables that you don’t like and substitute for the ones of your choice to flavor the broth like mushrooms, daikon, celery, the sky is the limit.