This is a recipe for your old-fashioned chicken noodle soup with a little modern spin. The twist is in the method of cooking this soup. We are going to cook it in an instant pot, which makes it a great weeknight friendly meal similar in taste with your favorite noodle soup. It is delicious and very quick to cook. The pot keep it warm and you could add to your bowl again and again. The perfect temperature that is that always makes this way of cooking so incredible. You food cooked by these recipes looks beautiful and fill your kitchen with nice aromas.

It is literally ready in a flash. How convenient. Now you have more time to do home work with your kids, watch your favorite tv show or just, well, sleep. Besides it’s the tastiest soup ever, perfect in it’s taste of chicken broth, noodles, onion, celery, carrots and of course instant flavor.

Absolutely nothing is sacrificed in the flavor department. It is still the same traditional chicken soup with all the classical elements of being comforting, delicious, soothing and nutritious.

Great to whip up quickly when you are feeling a little bit under the weather and craving something cozy. This soup has some serious soul-warming effects and will make you feel better in an instant.

Since it is a pretty quick cooking soup I like to use chicken on the bone. The bones will give the broth more depth of flavor without hours-long boiling process. And will make this recipe stand out above your avarage grandma chicken soup. You can either use breast or thigh meat whichever one you prefer.

And the best part is that every step of the cooking process from sautéing the veggies, to chicken, to boiling noodles can be done right in the instant pot. So no messy clean up to worry about afterwards.

Carrots, celery, onions and garlic are all basic vegetables that serve as an aromatic foundation of the soup. Fragrant herbs like parsley, thyme and bay leaf add a hint of floral freshness. I also love egg noodles in this recipe. They are richer in both taste and texture then your regular noodles. With eggy, buttery flavor they are a perfect compliment to savory chicken meat.

I am addicted to the convenience of pressure cooking, especially being strapped for time during busy work weeknights.